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Robert M. Sondak


Placeholder Image of Robert M. Sondak, Counsel.

Robert M. Sondak



Bob has been a commercial litigation attorney since graduation from law school 50 years ago. These days, he limits his practice to giving litigation advice and counsel to clients of the firm and firm attorneys. 


Law School: Columbia

      New York, New York

      J.D. Degree; 1972

College: Yale University

      New Haven, Connecticut

    A.B. Degree; 1968

Prior Adversary Hearings On The Question of Obscenity, 70 Columbia Law Review 1403, 1970

The Mysterious Civil Forfeiture Laws, Florida Bar Journal, March, 1994

Saving Security Interests, Money Laundering Law Report (MLLR), September, 1990

The Foreign Customer, MLLR, December, 1990

The Parallel Market (Co-Arthur: Barry D. Hunter), MLLR, June, 1991

International Impact (Co-Arthur: Joel D. Karp), MLLR, December, 1991

Spotlight on Forfeiture, MLLR, March, 1992

Lessons From Florida, MLLR, August, 1992

Conflict Resolved, MLLR, December, 1992

High Court to Decide Limits on Forfeitures, MLLR, February, 1993

Innocent Owner Defense Strengthened by High Court, MLLR, March, 1993

New Case Will Define Limits on Governmental Seizure, MLLR, April, 1993

Further Limits on Forfeitures, MLLR, July, 1993

Bank Declared Innocent Owner: Analysis of Miraflores Ruling, MLLR, August, 1993

Good is Bad News for Gov’t: Due Process Requires Hearing, MLLR, December, 1993

Appeals Court Reverses Leading Bank Forfeiture Case, The Florida Mortgage Banker, November/December, 1993

Innocent Bank Needn’t Forfeit Liens on Drug Dealer’s Realty, American Banker, September, 1993

Leading Bank Forfeiture Case Reversed, 17 Director’s Monthly, No. 10, p. 8, October, 1993

“The Tide is Turning: Civil Forfeiture Law is Becoming More Accommodating to Innocent Owners and Innocent Mortgages,” Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report, Spring, 1994

“Access to Courts and the Unauthorized Practice of Law – Ten Years of Unlicensed Practice of Law Advisory Opinions,” Florida Bar Journal, February, 1999

Florida Bar Board of Governors, Member, 1988 to 1993

Florida Bar, Past Chair, Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics

Florida Bar, Past Chair, Access to the Legal System Committee

Florida Bar, Budget Disciplinary Procedure, Disciplinary Review, Member, Rules and By-Laws Committee

Florida Bar, Chair, Standing Committee on Unlicensed Practice of Law, 1986 to 1988

Legal Technicians Study Committee, Vice-Chair, 1991 to 1992

Florida Bar Special Committee on Non-Lawyer Practice, Vice Chair, 1992 to 1994

Florida Bar Unlicensed Practice of Law Task Force, 1995 to 1996

Florida Bar Insurance Study Committee, 1999 to 2000

The Florida Bar Foundation, Member, Board of Directors, 1998 to 2000

Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company, Board of Directors, 1993

Money Laundering Law Report, Board of Editors, 1990 to 1999

Governor’s Study Commission on Notaries Public, 1988 to 1989

Florida Supreme Court Ad Hoc Committee on HRS Nonlawyer Counselors, 1988 to 1989

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